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I swim a lot, visit my nephew once in a while and I love to watch zombie movies. The things that I face in my daily life are the fundaments of my practice: looking forward to wear my new outfit on my grandfathers funeral or selecting people in the metro I wouldn’t trust during a zombie outbreak. By observing and collecting I create an archive of potential ideas that represent something bigger; that can be interpreted on different levels of knowledge.

Starting from the archive ideas can take many different forms before I bring them back to society. Drawings, books, performances, workshops, text, the format morphs as it goes through different installments. My role is the one of the bouncer. At every door of an (imaginary) box with specific rules I decide which idea gets in and which doesn’t. Boxes appear in many forms such as Cafe Bel, a mobile library or a mail delivery workshop.

Often the work has a ‘casual’ and humorous approach. I believe the quality of humour is recognition alongside alienation. By using a social interaction I try to get the spectator out of their safe cocoon and broaden their perspective on the world.