Anonymous Drawings
2016 — Josilda da Conceição Gallery, Amsterdam

For this project I collected paper used by anonymous customers in stationers to test pens, markers, paint and other drawing equipment. This paper contains drawings of various shapes, lines, colours and text.

What links all of these marks is that each line has been is made just to see if the pen is working as it should. The person drawing the line has no conscious intention of making work. It’s a totally innocent gesture. I believe there is beauty in this works innocent character and in their messy expression. It’s funny if you think about lots of people trying to make a beautiful work but failing, even though they try so hard. It’s an interesting relationship between intention and making.

In the first place this material seems to have no value whatsoever, until I reuse them as art and they get a new value. This aspect of authorship is interesting. When does a work become yours? In these drawings authorship seems beside the point, is it in intention? In gesture? In our very individualized society, I want to work through the boundaries between my own work and the accidental work of others.