Valse Meesters
2017 & 2019 — This Art Fair / CBK Amsterdam

Valse Meesters is an interactive installation about art forgery in the context of This Art Fair. In different exercises young visitors of the fair got in touch with the world of forging masterpieces and came across subjects such as authorship, craftsmanship and originality.

With each exercise having its own level, the participants could choose which artwork they’d like to forge. Not only art from the past but artworks they had seen on the art fair as well. Starting from a Pollock coloring page for the smaller kids, to testing acting skills to forge Bas Jan Ader’s ‘Im Too Sad To Tell You’, till eventually the real challenge of making a Malevich painting look old by liquoring it with coffee and replacing the staples with rusty nails in order to misguide the expert and get a fake authenticity certification. Each exercise had another focus, for example staging a realistic myth to place a self created Picasso artwork in his studio with a green screen or adding elements to an existing landscape painting of Constable to discuss authorship.

Update 2019: Photos at CBK Amsterdam