Under The Bridge Art Fair

The Under the Bridge Art Fair (UTBAF) is an event that runs concurrently with an existing art fair. Unlike traditional art fairs, which tend to showcase established and can be exclusive the UTBAF offers a platform for (lesser-known) artist to display their work. Held under the closest bridge to the existing art fair, the UTBAF is open to anyone and provides an alternative narrative to the dominant image of success and exclusivity in art fairs.

The UTBAF was created to give a sympathetic alternative to the exclusive nature of art fairs that usually only offer a stage to the most established artists. Unfortunately, a lot of work by talented artists remains unnoticed and unsold. By bringing lesser-known and unseen artists together at the UTBAF, we aim to them a stage and question the established structures of art fairs.

The UTBAF is a non-profit event, everyone is free to organise it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


  1. Bring your work and a rug to display it on
  2. You are not allowed to install walls or other structures to display your work on
  3. You are not allowed to claim a spot in advance
  4. Think about how you will handle any transaction (cash, tap, QR, etc.)
  5. Dress warmly if it is chilly outside
  6. Provide your own drinks and refreshments
  7. Invite friends and spread the word
  8. Have respect for each other, each other’s work and the environment
  9. Keep it simple
  10. Enjoy!


  1. Choose an existing art fair
  2. Find the nearest bridge. This is your location for the Under the Bridge Art Fair
  3. Pick a date and time for the UTBAF
  4. Promote the event, for example orally, with flyers, via the Internet, and invite artists to participate
  5. Anyone may participate, young or old, amateur or professional. Participation is free, there is no selection procedure
  6. Create a banner that clearly states this is a UTBAF-event
  7. You may light a fire, play music, and bring refreshments, but keep it simple!
  8. First come, first served. It is not allowed to claim a spot in advance
  9. Be respectful of each other and the environment and follow the rules
  10. Enjoy!